When edible fungus cultivation, should pay attention to anti Aspergillus contamination

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When edible fungus cultivation, should pay attention to anti Aspergillus contamination
Publish Time:2015-11-20 03:11

Mushroom and other edible fungus cultivation process is often affected by Aspergillus species pollution, common Aspergillus niger, Kuroma, ash, etc., can be seen after the loose yellow, black, gray and other colors of different colors of granular material.

The Aspergillus is widely distributed in nature, and the distribution of the spores is floating with the air flow. The optimum temperature of Aspergillus niger was 25, the relative humidity was 80%, the temperature of Aspergillus niger was 20, and the relative humidity was above 85%, and the temperature was 20, 65%~80% and ~35 respectively. The cultivation of high water content, air relative humidity is too large, as well as poor ventilation and other environment, is conducive to the growth and damage of aspergillus. Comprehensive measures should be taken to prevent the edible fungus of Aspergillus niger.

One: pay attention to environmental sanitation, as well as to maintain the cultivation of the culture and the cultivation of clean, timely disposal of waste;

Second: inoculation chamber, the mushroom room to according to the provisions of the cleaning and disinfection; vaccination operator must ensure thorough sterilization, bagged strains in the carrying process to gently to prevent the rupture of the plastic bag.

Three: always check and found that the bacteria contaminated timely removed, do not sow sick strain; appropriately raise the pH value of the culture material, add 1% to 3% of the lime or spraying 2% lime water in mixing, inhibiting bacteria growth, the dry weight of 0.1% methyl sulfur bacteria spirit mix material, the effect is better.

Four: if the fungus is harmful to the cultivation of mushroom bed, it can be dried in time. The control room temperature at 20 ~22, and the inhibition of the mixed bacteria can resume normal management.

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