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Oyster mushroom

Oyster mushroom

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Planting base plucking saline, the domestic and export, one set of a power plant, in here, there are excellent in quality and reasonable in price of edible fungi, welcome new and old customers in the inquiry, I hope to Hebei Changshan edible fungus factory accompany in your side, and you work together to advance and retreat.

Factory is to: production, processing, marketing, (salt, frozen category) of the manufacturers of edible fungus products, the factory for the commodity inspection registration. Export-oriented products, the factory has the excellent processing facilities and perfect product quality management system. Mainly export to Japan, Russia, Italy, and within the industry has a good reputation, its products mainly to: boiled small (black) (ash) of Pleurotus ostreatus (white) * boiled (yellow) (white) of Flammulina velutipes * boiled Pleurotus eryngii * boiled Slippery Mushroom * boiled Pleurotus cornucopiae * boiled mushrooms, such as more than 30 varieties. The factory purpose: integrity based. For quality development principles, may with domestic and foreign merchants to establish good business relations, seek common development.

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